Based at Cancer Research UK – Cambridge Institute

Research Associate (Balasubramanian Group) (Fixed Term)

We seek a postdoctoral scientist to work with Professor Sir Shankar Balasubramanian on the chemical biology of nucleic acids and their role in the fundamental mechanisms of cancer. The post will be based in our group at Cancer Research UK's Cambridge Institute (CI) and involves close collaboration with our group based in the University Chemistry Department. The post is available from Autumn 2024.

We have a vacancy for a molecular biologist to contribute to our research on genome structure and function. Current projects include elucidating four-stranded nucleic acid structures (G-quadruplexes), their interacting proteins, their mechanisms in relation to gene expression regulation, and their suitability as therapeutic targets and biomarkers of cancer. We also study the structure and function of chemically-modified DNA bases and their epigenetic roles in normal biology and disease. Our interdisciplinary lab innovates and applies methods that include sequencing technologies, genome-targeting and chemical biology.

Our ideal candidate will have a capacity for innovation, initiative and creativity to solve biological problems using molecular and cellular strategies. We value good communication skills and an ability to work well in a multi-disciplinary team. This project provides an opportunity for an outstanding individual to make an inspired contribution to the fundamental understanding of genome function.