BG4 antibody

Our lab has developed an antibody specific for G-quadruplexes (BG4), which is commercially available.

BG4 is a highly specific monoclonal antibody that targets DNA G-quadruplex structures and has been tested in and ELISA, ChIP-seq, and immunocytochemistry.

The antibody construct (scFv, FLAG-tagged), that is the same as that published by us (Biffi et al., Nature Chem., 2013,   Biffi et al., Nature Chem., 2014,   Biffi et al., PLos ONE, 2014,)  is commercially available:,MM_NF-MABE917,MM_NF-MABE917-25UL

The plasmid for BG4 (scFv) is also available:

Our recommended procedure for the expression and purification of BG4 from plasmid can be found in the attached document, which also includes a vector map:

Download expression and purification of BG4 from plasmid procedure

Our recommended protocol for the use of BG4 in immunofluorescence can be found in the attached document:

Download BG4 IF protocol

IMPORTANT: An IgG derivative of our antibody BG4 is also available in different constructs from other suppliers, using alternative tags to those published by us. This is not BG4 and may not have the same performance. Please check carefully.


SG4 nanobody

SG4, a camelid heavy-chain-only derived nanobody with low nanomolar affinity for a wide range of folded G4 structures (see Galli et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2022, 144, 23096 ) The plasmids for expression of the wild type and mutant proteins are available from Addgene.